Blog6: Media practices in public space

img_20180613_125044.jpgThis photo is taken in Telford shopping mall. Telford is one of the famous shopping malls in Kowloon Bay. It is also a compulsory path to go to our campus from the MTR station. With my everyday experiences passing through Telford, I realized an interesting phenomenon happened outside the Broadway, an electronic appliance store. As shown in the photo, there are usually some random people standing and watching the display TV monitor.

The number of people standing there won’t be too much, around 3-4 usually. People of all ages also have the chance of appearing to watch TV here, but mainly children or elderlies. It is quite often to notice that although they are standing in front of the TV, they are looking at their mobile phones instead of the TV. Hence, I think people nowadays may rarely pay their whole attention to TV, as the use of smartphones is becoming more diverse.

img_20180612_160258.jpgHowever, a few days later when I went to have a medical appointment in the hospital, I realized an opposite sight. People were focusing on the TV display while waiting for their turn. From the photo we can see almost half of the people waiting here, also paying attention to the news report shown on the TV. There were still some people especially children and teens seem likely to put their focus on the mobile devices more than traditional media devices. It also has the possibility that because of the program showed were different in my two observation, but the behaviors of the two groups of media audience were obviously different.


Through observing these people, I believe there are media audiences nowadays tend to access more than one media devices instead of just focusing on one. However, there is an exception. In some cases, depending on contents shown in the public media, some people are still willing to pay they attention to the media display.

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