My Autoethnography towards digital age in modern society

In this age of scientific and technological resources, it’s common for everyone to have a smartphone, and I am no exception. When I was small, mobile phones were used for calling or SMS only. However, the function of the mobile phone is no longer for communication only, but also in its application. Mobile games have become one of the daily entertainment habits of most people in the modern age.


For us the 90s, most people had soon access to a lot of electronic equipment after we were born, like televisions, mobile phones, game consoles and so on. I can say that we have witnessed the introduction of smartphones, witnessed their evolution. At present, a smartphone has gathered all the electronic appliances together in just one device and has greatly changed the daily life of today’s public. No matter it is on the streets or on public transportation, people always focusing on their smartphones.


I noticed a phenomenon that is not the first time I met, especially in the case of mobile games. When a person posted a screenshot of a mobile game that he/she is playing on his/her social networking site, there will be other different friends get access to that game soon. I once asked them, “Are you interested in this game?” The answer was “No, I saw someone playing and I downloaded them and play.” This is a very interesting phenomenon for me.


Recently in my circle of friends, many people are playing a mobile game application called “Frog Travel” made by Japanese company Hit-Point. I used to indulge myself with one of their mobile game, but this time I was not much attracted to this game. However, it has become a hot topic of the moment, not only my friends but also news stories.


Apart from the “Frog Travel”, there were some more popular app games for example Pokemon GO! and Candy Crush, which also raised the same phenomenon a few years ago. I found that many people around me would choose to follow and download certain mobile games because their friends are playing instead of choosing to download the game as they are interested in or attracted to it. As far as I know, this phenomenon in psychology study can be called Conformity.


Many people, especially teenagers, are easily affected by the actions of others, in particular to the use of media. I think the reason of that is because they want to be recognized and tend to improve their presence in their friend zones on different social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I am also a person who logs into Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube every day. However, I am more concerned with obtaining various kinds of information. What interests me very much is those who want to update their status every day and get other’s attention. I hope I can keep observing this phenomenon and study it.

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