Autoethnography: Personal and cultural expirence

    So far, I’m still confused about DIGC330’s course content, especially the term “Auto-ethnographic investigation”, which appear throughout the entire course. But after reading this article“Autoethnography: An Overview” from Ellis, C., Adams, T.E., and Bochner, A.P., I got a clearer direction of what am I studying and what should I do next. In the … More Autoethnography: Personal and cultural expirence

Battle Royale II: Requiem, Identity of Narahara

  The movie Battle Royale II: Requiem was originally a work adapted from popular Japanese novels. The best-known part of this movie is the in-depth description of humanity. With a number of life-or-death occasions, the changes of the humanity of characters have been reflected. In the second season of the Battle Royale, the story begins … More Battle Royale II: Requiem, Identity of Narahara