Connected by the Iron Wire

Starting from the birth of telegraph, we are all connected by this new network. “networks are the womb from which a qualitatively new form of society is being born, a society in which identity, politics and economy are structured, and operate, as networks.”¹ Network, gave a huge change to the world, a Global Village. Due to the open up of the network around the world, The flows of information is no longer stoppable.



As the society keeps on progressing, the internet keeps advancing. Flowing of information created a variety of cultural exchanges. From personal to the society, we are all connected by the network. Let’s do a little exercise of recalling what you have done today. You will then realize that the “byproduct” of the network has been thoroughly integrated into our daily life. For example the architectures, people around, the food you ate and your curriculum. All of these appeared because of the exchanging information between countries.


No doubt that the existence of this “iron wire” has provided us chances to know more about the world, about the society, about the people. Its power has broken through the wall of each country, make the world a Global Village, a big Family.



  1. Barney, D. (2010). The network society. Cambridge, UK: Polity.
  2. Chiang, T. S. (n.d.). Architecture, food tell a lot about culture and society. Retrieved September 29, 2017, from


2 thoughts on “Connected by the Iron Wire

  1. “Flowing of information created a variety of cultural exchanges.” Agree that the network helps us contact with people around the world, we may meet many different people through the internet, for example we can meet new friends from Facebook and other social media, forming the global village.

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  2. Splendid work! It’s extremely unthinkable to me what the world would be like today without this continuous flow of information that allowed us to exchange culture and information with different parts of the globe, I imagine everyone to be close-minded and oblivious to what goes on outside their borders and oblivious as well to the different fascinating culture of other countries which would be such a shame because I personally find different cultures fascinating! Thank you Iron Wire for your existence and thank you for this great blog post!

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